This photo is truly worth a thousand words. & So many more emotions.

New York Officer, Larry DePrimo, says he had two pairs of wool winter socks and combat boots, and even he was cold.

On the night of November 14th, he came across an unidentified, homeless man who also happened to be shoeless.

DePrimo offered to get him socks and shoes.

The mans response: “I never had a pair of shoes.”

Officer DePrimo then walked to a nearby Skechers and returned to the man, but not empty handed.

He kneeled down to put the new thermal socks and insulated boots on the mans’ feet.

His first pair. Ever.

DePrimo says the homeless man “smiled from ear to ear” as if “you gave him a million dollars.”

SimplyBeautiful. (:

*Neither men knew a photo was being taken. An Arizona tourist snapped the photo.

This officer was truly genuine in his actions. God bless them both!

*NY weather on 11/14: high: 47 degrees (1:05pm), low: 36 degrees (5:45am).

source: weather, quotes

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